Easy to erase. Impossible to recover.


WIPERAPP® is a simple and reliable solution for removing data from disks in a non-destructive way. It complies with the latest regulations regarding the processing of personal data (GDPR).



The advanced data erasure techniques as well as compliance with the most restrictive standards are basis of the WIPERAPP® software - the only real alternative in irreversible data erasure area. The software is compliant with all available HDD and SDD disks. Thanks to unique solutions developed as a result of several years practice, WIPERAPP® is fully safe for semiconductor media.

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Safe SSD erasing
Each action of data saving on semiconductor medium limits its life span. That’s why the data on SSD disks are erased not by overwriting but by removal - as overwriting would limit the disks’ life span. However most of non-professional apps are equipped with data removal option. As an alternative WIPERAPP® is fully equipped for work with semiconductor media - it erases data, not limiting the medium’s life span.
NIST Standard
According to the most recent NIST 800-88 Standard Revision 1 (NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology) effective from December 2014, the hard disks’ manufacturers are supposed to include safe and complete data removal algorithms in software of the disks. The technology of using those algorithms was named PURGE and currently it is the simplest and at the same time the safest method of wiping out the redundant data off the disks. WIPERAPP® is equipped with this up to date technology.


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Innovative solutions
Our solution have been brought to the Patent Office. We prepared three patent claims - the first in March 2017, the second in December 2017 and the third in January 2018. According to the Law, despite the patent issue procedure is still in progress, our solutions are already fully covered by international rights safeguarding intellectual property rights.

The full compliance with the latest revision of NIST 800-88 standard and comprehensive support for Clear and Purge erasure methods, guarantee irreversible deletion of data in a way that does not damage the drive on which the information was stored. So far, no company professionally dealing with data recovery has been able to recover information from disks cleaned up by our software.

Why us?
Thanks to using technology fully compliant with the most restrictive data protection standards - including NIST 800-88 Revision 1, your data will be safely removed without any option of their recovery later.
Thanks to the technology used, with our unique certificate we guarantee that there is no possibility of recovering data erased with our software.
Thanks to safe data erasing methods you will still be able to use the media, that the data were erased off.
Our technology include solutions enabling collection of the complete data concerning connected computers and a detailed report on efficiency on the connected disks.
We work tirelessly for your and your clients’ trust. Using our technology you can be sure that your data is appropriately protected.
Each year, about 50 tonnes of electronic waste ends in a dump. Using WIPERAPP® software you can effectively limit this problem range.